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Well I never thought I’d be able to tell anyone that I have been 6 weeks without a drink or drug. I haven’t been writing in here as much lately because I’ve been writing my 4th step. Can you say overwhelming?! My sponsor told me to just devote 30 minutes a night to it and I’ll be done before I know it. I wasn’t sure about this 12 step stuff in the beginning but I’ve met a lot of people that are actually happy now from doing it. So I’m giving it my best. I always hear people in meetings talk about how they relapsed while on their fourth step so that’s always freaked me out a little bit . A lot of the resentments I’ve been having to write are about people and things I usually try not to think about. Some of them are things I used to get messed up over so i didn’t have to feel pissed off and sad. Maybe that’s why people relapse on their fourth step I don’t know, all I know is that I’m gonna keep doing it because I never want to feel that shitty again. It does help doing just a little everday. Writing about my mom and dad has got me looking forward to making amends to them. I put them through so much. I did have a phone conversation with my dad the other day that was one of he best, we haven’t argued in a long time since I got sober. Anyhow. I’m gonna watch some Netflix and go to bed.. Sober.