Wondering what you or your loved one should bring when starting our program? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of what to bring and, more importantly, what not to bring!

What to Bring

  • Appropriate & Comfortable Clothing (more on what constitutes appropriate below)
  • Photo IDs
  • Medical Records & Insurance Cards (including a list of prescription medications)
  • Recovery-Based & Inspirational Literature (12-step or otherwise)
  • Religious or Spiritually-Based Literature
  • Appropriate Swimwear (no revealing bikinis or speedos please!)
  • Sunblock, Sunglasses, Flip Flops & Other Beach Supplies
  • Toothpaste, Toothbrushes & Other Toiletries (nothing containing alcohol)
  • Family Photos, Knick-Knacks & Other Personal Items (excluding expensive jewelry or electronics)

What to Avoid

  • Drugs or Alcohol of Any Kind (with the exception of prescription medicine which will be turned over to our clinical staff)
  • Weapons of Any Kind
  • Expensive Jewelry or Personal Items
  • Phones, Tablets, or Other Electronics (while clients can use these at lower levels of care, they’ll be confiscated during our day/night program)
  • Any Clothing Containing References to Drugs, Violence, or Sexually Explicit Material
  • Provocative Clothing
  • Over-the-Counter Medicine

A quick note – The Good Life isn’t responsible for anything lost or stolen on our clinical or residential properties. While something being stolen isn’t likely to happen, it is a risk you take and admittance to our program constitutes an understanding and legal acceptance of this fact.