12 step recovery meeting room with chairs and signs.

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy. Make no mistake, it’s simple…but not easy. You need support, patience, a sincere desire to change people, places, and things that aren’t helping you grow, and much more.

This is especially true in early-recovery. When the substances wear off and the fog lifts, you’re left with emotions, memories, and feelings that are both raw and painful. To get through them clean and sober, you’re going to want support and lots of it!

This vital support comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s family guidance and help. Other times it’s a close group of friends who have your back no matter what. Still other times it’s 12-step fellowships and other self-help groups.

That’s what you’ll find below – a list of incredibly helpful support groups. Some are 12-step based and some aren’t.

If you have any questions – about 12-step recovery, secular recovery, or anything related to early-recovery support systems – don’t hesitate to reach out and call us. We want to see you succeed!

If there’s a self-help group, 12-step program, or support system you think would be helpful to add to our list, let us know!