Where the Good Life's Treatment Programs Take Place

If you’re reading this you have one question and one question only on your mind – how do I get myself, or someone I love, better?

The answer’s simpler than you may think, but it isn’t easy. We’re talking about comprehensive and individualized treatment paired with ongoing sober support.

We’re proud to say we’re experts in both.

See, we do treatment differently here at the Good Life. Many rehabs operate on a “heads in beds” model. We don’t believe that helps anyone, least of all you or your loved one.

We keep our client census small and in doing so offer something other programs simply can’t – one-of-a-kind clinical care.

Read on to learn what that looks like at different levels of treatment.


Day/Night Treatment

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (M.A.T)

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Intensive Outpatient

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Addicts in Recovery Helping One Another

Community Living

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Wellness Activities

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