It’d be great if we promised you Olympic swimming pools, private chefs, and exclusive living arrangements, but that’s not what we’re about here at the Good Life.

We’re not going to promise you the sun and the moon. We’re not going to promise you a vacation from life. That’s not what treatment’s about and that’s not how we operate.

Rather, we promise you or your loved one a challenging and life-changing experience driven by comprehensive and evidence-based clinical care.

What does that care look like? Well, our day/night addiction treatment program offers the following:

-An intake process including a biopsychosocial and psychiatric assessment.
-An individualized, uniquely tailored treatment plan.
-Therapeutic groups meeting for a minimum of 25 hours each week and focusing on a variety of topics.
-Individual therapy with a dedicated primary therapist.
Psychiatric care.
-A strong focus on family care and involvement.
-Workshops on a variety of topics, including spirituality, health, tools for sober living, and many others.
-Wellness activities that compliment and deepen your treatment experience.
-Extensive case management, including housing, work, education, legal, and medical help
If that sounds doable and you think you have the willingness, give us a call today.